Get The Black Mind Right

Psssst…Hey you….Yes you….Lend me your ear for a few moments….
Through personal growth and development, the power of affirmations can make a dramatic difference in your perspective of yourself and the world in which you live. It can help you create a peace of mind and a sense of balance, increase your self-esteem and self-love, and open your mind to new, creative, and positive possibilities and opportunities. So each week, we are going to embark on an Affirmation Journey of free expression and self-love. From readings, I’ve learned that affirmations should:

1.  Begin with ‘”I am…”
2.  Be positive and uplifting…
3.  Be recited while looking in a mirror

Without further ado, our first step is…”I Am Amazing!’

Take a quick glimpse at your reflection. What word comes to mind when you see yourself? If you’re like most people, your word normally has a negative connotation. That’s because life’s experiences have programmed our minds to immediately identify our flaws. In a split second, we notice those flaws and send our negative feelings out to the universe via our mouths. Over time, this programming has become automatic…almost like brushing your teeth or breathing.
Remember...thoughts dictate actions which become habits which become a lifestyle…
Going back to the beginning (thoughts), you see that everything we do is first created in the mind. Take for example this simple statement “I don’t feel like getting up early in the mornings.” If you say this to yourself, chances are, you won’t get up early. Over time this repeated action causes you to miss out on living and, frankly, makes you lazy. Who wants to be called lazy? Even though this example is so simple, the logic still applies. What you think about, you do; with time it becomes who you are… With that in mind, try this simple exercise and see how great you feel afterwards…

Step 1: Find a mirror (full length is best; if not the bathroom/bedroom one is fine)
Step 2:  Smile at yourself for at least 30 seconds
Step: 3: Tell yourself how amazing you look and feel
Step 4: Explain this exercise to anyone who may have heard you (so they won’t be tempted to call the men in the short white jackets)
Step 5: Go out and enjoy the rest of your amazing day!

Now that’s an order!!!

Cathy Webb