Trump Hates You and 4 Others Things

       You Have Been Told to Believe

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At least that is what most people want you to believe. But is this really true? Is it really true that Donald Trump hates Black America? For this to be analyzed, let's look at the last 30 years of what Trump has done and said and compare that to what we see today.

Is it really a ploy by the left-wing media? Is this simply another distraction that the Democrats want blacks to be focused on? Or is this an actual fact? Is black hatred something that Republicans have had in place for many, many years to oppress black people - essentially discarding all of our values and principles?

 In this series of articles, I would like to explore five different topics of what we've been told about conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, black culture and yes, President Trump. I'm going to try and argue and make the following claim when it comes to these topics:

Not everything is as it seems.

Full disclosure, I am a Trump supporter. But I was also a Bill Clinton supporter. I was also an Al Gore supporter. I was also a Marion Barry for DC mayor campaign volunteer. I was also a deeply entrenched Democrat voter in the early 80s and mid-90s. Things obviously changed for me along the way (that's going to be a topic of different discussion). I just want to lay out where I'm coming from and to try to present an objective as possible discussion with as much credibility as possible. If you are still reading this, then you may be open-minded and moreover, intellectually honest enough to take in the points that I will be trying to make over the next few articles.

1. Trump hates you.

So the first point we are told is that Trump hates you. We will be discussing the history of Donald Trump and where he came from and how his influence affected the Black Community. Was his family nothing more than rich white people who exploited blacks? Was there really a lawsuit in which they discriminated against minorities in the early 80s? We will discuss those topics. We also discuss Donald Trump's numbers in the black community and how they are steadily rising. Why is this? Why people like Kanye West brave enough to come out and show support? Why is the Black American male vote doubling within the past 2 months? Why did the black community not turn out for Hillary Clinton and in essence turned out for Donald Trump giving him the election in areas of Detroit and Philadelphia; Michigan and Pennsylvania respectively?

 2. ‎You are on this planet by merely chance.

This just maybe one of the most controversial topic in this series. We will talk about the theory that there is no God that it's all mankind's determination of how life goes and how destiny eventually play out. In other words, everything is based on random chance. We'll talk about a worldview that says that we come from monkeys and apes. We will talk about the humanist/socialist culture and how that affects culture and political leadership. I will discuss how on one side the scientific community says that we all come from a big bang where since then things are evolving yet argue that we are all somehow equal despite the fact that this goes against Charles Darwin's basic evolutionary principles.

 3. Democrats are your friends

In this topic, we will discuss whether or not Democrats are our friends. This should need no explanation, but many people feel that the Democratic Party has done good things for black people. We will discuss the history of the Democrat Party, where they came from, where their worldview stems from, what the view of blacks are and lastly, what is their base of political power stems. We'll talk about the Civil Rights Movement. We will talk about poll taxes, segregation, and Jim Crow. These will not be easy topics to discuss and they will actually be shocking for some people but we must take an honest assessment of the facts of history and how they play in the world today. We will also look at writings contemporary to the Civil Rights Movement such as Malcolm X and see what did people like he think about the Democrat Party.

 4. ‎ Republicans are your enemy.

The 4th topic which is very much related to #3 and that is Republicans are your enemies. So conversely, we will discuss all of these aforementioned topics before but you will see that what you may have thought about those topics may or may not have been true. What party was the party that stood up for blacks? What was the party that was founded for the sole purpose of the abolition of slavery? What party stood in the way of people who wanted to stop the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments? What party stood in the way of people who wanted to oppose civil rights for black people? You might be surprised by the answers.

 5. ‎Thug Culture is Black culture
Finally, we will talk about so-called Thug Culture. What culture is Black Culture?

What does it mean to be black? Does that mean if I do not speak broken English English that I am "acting white"? Does that mean that to be "black" I have to act and dress a certain way? Does that mean I need to adhere to Hip Hop culture and nothing else to be "black"? By now, I think you know where I'm coming from. So stay tuned for these articles as they come out and feel free to question, yell, scream or whatever but it is important for us to address these things. Mind you, these concepts that I will be presenting, are nothing new but I don't think I've ever seen them put into one concise article (or in this case, series of articles) together so this may be a first.

Stay tuned and be blessed.

Kyle Suggs


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