My Eulogy to the Queen of Soul

Until Aretha we never really had a lady who brought that soulful and gospel voice to the stage like her. There were not many women who could sing chain chain chains and on that same stage have you raising your hands and praising the lord. She made us understand that R&B was gospel introduced to us in a different way. Songs about love, commitment, joys and pain was the things the Queen sung about. The Queen was so talented in her craft she stood for the great Luciano Pavarotti and sung Nessun Dorma. There are a lot of talented and great singers like Whitney, Mariah and Patty but Aretha was that one constant that kept it soulful, spiritual and Gospel when she presented her works on the stage. Without a doubt the greatest voice of our times because her voice was one you could not duplicate, her songs you could not duplicates because her voice and singing style was one that you just admired and was in awe of. If I was to compare her with anyone it would have to be the late great Marvin Gaye. They both had something about them that is very hard to duplicate. In closing Dr. Feelgood is the ultimate song where she adds that soulfulness and gospel feel to her music. Long Live The Queen In Heaven.

The Queen Of Soul

The Queen Of Soul Ms. Aretha Franklin