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A griot is a West African term given to a musician, poet, or storyteller that keeps up with the oral history, genealogy, culture, and sometimes politics of the people.  It is quoted that when a griot dies it is just as an entire library was burned down. 

The Great Griot has a passion for telling the history of black people from all over the globe.  The intention during colonization is to withhold, destroy, and change the history of those being colonized.  The deprivation of TRUE history learned in a proper context completely strips away who you are, often destroys your purpose, and can leave groups of people lost and not knowing who and what strong lineage they come from.

It is my hope, with every video, to shed a light on:

-Our GREAT LEADERS of past and present

-Key events in history as they actually occurred


 It is my hope that black people all around the globe will become enlightened on who they are and begin waking up to the power they possess.

Get The Black Mind Right

The use of slave women as day workers naturally broke up or made impossible the normal Negro home, and this and the slave code led to a development of which the South was really ashamed and which it often denied, and yet perfectly evident: the raising of slaves in the Border slave states for systematic sale on the commercialized cotton plantations.

W.E.B. DuBois