I'm A Fan of Black Music Not Pop Music

 When Vanesa Ferguson was introduced to America I saw this beautiful black lion with an afro, hats, playing the keyboards and touching every genre of black music you could imagine. R&B at its best. Ms. Ferguson and other black talent like her are the reason R&B is slowly making its way back.

Pop is black music like Malcolm would say “black coffee with a lot of cream added to it”.  It cannot be denied that her performances were about a culture that has taken a back seat to studios that want to promote everything except this black music thing unless it’s on their terms. Black music (R&B) has shaped this world for years.

Which may be one of the reasons I dislike the fact, Michael Jackson proclaimed himself the king of Pop.  It’s not the title that gets me but it seems as though he sold out.  And like so many other rappers and singers that sell out to pop music, I feel they get what they deserve when they cannot even get  a record deal from the same people who brain washed them into thinking there soulful voice would make them a pop sensation. As big as Mike was along with owning 50% of Sony he still had to fight to get his albums released.

I love Ms. Ferguson for being that black queen who lives and breathes black music. In my opinion she is one of the reasons why R&B is slowly making its way back to where it belongs in Black America.

Unfortunately, a black person selling out is not the only reason I dislike pop music.  Part of our history as blacks is our reliance on music to get us through tough times. When I see white children singing, dancing and talking like they are about this black music thing it makes me upset.  Because I wonder if they even understand the actual heart and soul of R&B music.  

I love seeing the old school artists touring and keeping the old spirit of R&B alive because it is such a big part of our culture.  Unfortunately I feel our young black artists are in a position where they are controlled by a market that has become very picky over the years and in return they are introduced to music that makes them less involved in the black culture and more involved with a culture that makes them lighten their skin and change the texture of their hair thereby eliminating the soul of our music.

 I like pop music but dislike how much cream they put in it. Black(R&B) music is more than just something we groove too; it is who we are as a people.

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Is Pop Music R&B With A Lot Cream Added To It