Greetings Sisters and Brothers.  I'm sure many of you are aware of the growing news stories about white people calling the police on unassuming, law abiding Black people.  We've seen stories of 911 being called on Black people who are napping, waiting for friends, attending public functions, grilling, dining out, and numerous other normal activities. What I want people to understand is this behavior is not only ridiculous and outrageous, but it is also malicious and racist.

 Racists are well aware of the tenuous relationship that exists between Black people and law enforcement.  When they call 911 on otherwise unassuming Black people they do so with malicious intent.  They do so hoping for an incident to occur.  They do so hoping to put innocent Black people in harms way.  There is nothing altruistic about their motives.  They don't call the police out of fear or concern.  They do it hoping the event results in discrimination, racism, violence, and even death.  There is no question in my mind about this.

 How else does one explain a white woman calling the police on a family for grilling in a public park? Or a white girl calling the police on a student sleeping in a dorm?  Or a manager calling police on patrons less than two minutes after they enter an establishment?  These things sound absurd until you take into account that Black people are routinely harassed, profiled, and disrespected by police.  Whites are well aware of racial bias and systemic racism.   They are well aware of how other races are treated by law enforcement. Their intent is crystal clear.  They are using agents of the state as weapons against Black people.

This is why I laugh when people pretend whites don't understand racism.  It's why I'm dismissive of those who allow whites to gaslight us with commentary about how people need to be educated. Racists are well aware of the current social climate.  They don't need education about that which they know so well.  Do not think for one split second these racists don't know what they are doing.  It's disgusting really when you think about it.  So called peace keepers and law enforcement are being used as storm troopers by hateful vindictive whites who seek to amuse themselves by putting innocent Black people in harms way.

911 has been weaponized by racists.  It has become a vehicle of hate for those looking to disrupt the lives of innocent people.  Until racists are punished for abusing the system we will see more and more of this occur.  Until police are held accountable we will see more and more of this occur.  It's time someone put an end to this foolishness.  Thank you for reading.

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Racist Has Weaponized 911

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