After you have acted like a lady and thought like a man; what do you do when realization dawns that he’s just not that into you?  It’s time to pick up the shattered pieces of your broken heart and move the hell on, that’s what you do.

However, there’s another woman who continues to hang on to the hope dangling in front of her because she was never the girlfriend/wife or the side piece that can somewhat accept the end of the relationship.  No, this woman is the one that saw all the potential but never had the payoff of the committed relationship.  And she can’t let go. 

In Girl Talk: You’re Just Not the One, R. K. Slade reveals the reason why it’s hard to let go by discussing the creation of the emotional abyss.  By revealing stories from her own past relationships, R. K. Slade is the girlfriend that you need who has been through the same situation and understands your turmoil without the judgment.

At times it may make you cringe with embarrassment; laugh out loud with ridiculousness, or simply cry but always gives the truth.  Girl Talk: You’re Just Not the One is definitely a must read if you just want to learn how to let go of a relationship that is never going to happen.

By: R. K. Slade

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It's A Girls Thing

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Roslyn Kristina Miller
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Available July 2017