Trump:  The Making Of White America

I want people to think about something. Think about how many times you've heard discussions on national and local news networks about how Mexicans are coming over the border and taking jobs from Americans. Think about how many times you've heard discussions about how Muslims are looking to infiltrate America, kill and subjugate Americans, and institute Sharia Law. Think about how many times you've heard about "the gay agenda" and how homosexuals seek to redefine marriage and plunge America into sin, perversion, and decadence. Think about how many times you've heard discussions about how the majority of young Black men are thugs and criminals and how Black women are lazy, unmotivated welfare queens looking for a handout. Think about it.

I'm not talking about discussions on fringe conspiratorial outlets either. I'm talking about real discussion about these so called issues on so called legitimate news networks. I'm talking about real discussions on popular blogs, and supposedly trusted news sources. Just think about how often you've heard these and other bigoted and outrageous narratives perpetuated in media outlets all across the nation. Once you do that, it should come as no surprise why Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for POTUS. I've said recently that Republicans and the media created Donald Trump. But that's not entirely true. They didn't so much create Trump as they set the table for him.

The majority of Donald Trump's supporters are, to be blunt, ignorant bigots. They don't care he has zero qualifications to be POTUS. They don't care that he's never served in the military or never served in public office. They care nothing for his lack of understanding of foreign and domestic policy and his obvious ignorance as to how government works. They don't care about any of that. They LOVE Donald because he speaks directly to the fears and prejudices that have been played up to the extreme over the last few years.

They love it when he talks about deporting Mexicans and building walls. They love it when he talks about banning Muslims. They eat it up when he talks about traditional marriage and yells "All Lives Matter" at the top of his lungs. They dine on that shit. It's exactly what they want to hear. He knows it too. That's why he was impervious to gaffes in the GOP primary. That's why he rises no matter what he says. Because he speaks to the worst elements of American society. He is the embodiment of what the Republican party has become.

Trump is the textbook definition of a demagogue. Republicans are just angry that Trump is better at propaganda than they are. They are angry that he's seized the captains chair. They don't care about what he's saying to be honest. They've been whispering that same shit for years. Trump is just YELLING it. He's embracing it. He's not tip toeing about it. That's what he's followers mean when they praise him for "telling it like it is". They are tired of hiding. They are tired of pretending. Trump says all the things they want to say but are afraid to because they know better. They want a leader who will allow them to be openly bigoted, racist, and xenophobic. They want to "make America great again". They want Black people, Mexicans, women, Muslims, and all non whites put in their place.  They want unapologetic, in your face white supremacy.

The naked truth about Donald Trump is that he is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with America. The media can act like his rise is some strange phenomenon all they want. The truth is, at the end of the day, they've been saying the same things and doing the same things for years. They're just mad he's better at peddling racist, bigoted bullshit than they are.

Doc Sinn

Get The Black Mind Right