Blind To The Fact

Larry "Syid"right

“People of Color” is viewed as a political term. But it is also a term that allows for a more complex set of identity for the Negro at one time. Today people of color suggests a social relationship among racial and ethnic minority groups. It has replaced the words ethnic minorities.

I’m not a person of color
Language is and always will be an essential element in the struggle for understanding amongst peoples. Changes in the words and phrases we use to describe each other reflect whatever progress we make on the path toward a world where everyone feels respected and included.  And you think the Black American is apart of this group?

People of Color
Let's talk about why black Americans should not be in the conversation when the word "people of color " is brought up unless we include white people. When we consider ourselves "people of color", we’re just adding another name to the long list of names for the Black American. Nigger, Coloured, Colored, Colour, Afro American, Nigga and back to Black American. The only community that looks at themselves as people of a different life style not culture is the LGBTQ community; they never look at themselves as people of color. The bottom line is, that they are all part of the Gay community.

Explain to me how Black Americans are apart of this so-called " people of color" community. Black Americans are treated differently by the cops, we’re treated differently by the schools system, we’re treated differently in the court system.  And all of these so-called other people of color groups that we’re being forced to associate ourselves with, look at us like the one group who gave them the hand book on how to deal with Black Americans. Don’t trust them, keep an eye on them, flood their neighborhoods with your businesses, never live there, hire them to run your stores ,never re-circulate the money back through that community, make them feel like you are their friend and never promise them anything.

For years ,Black America has had an identity crisis and the people of color thing is another temporary fix; something more to add to our plate of confusion. Black People of America, if you think you are apart of this "people of color movement", then ask yourself this, why are whites excluded from the group? Another question. How is that we, Black Americans ,get upset when we’re called colored but is happy with being part of a group labeled as people of color?  In the words of Malcolm, we’re in bad shape.

Once again, we allow ourselves to be labeled and once again we’re the second class citizen of the group. A second class citizen is a person, well in case a community belonging to a social or political group whose rights and opportunities are inferior to those of the dominant group in a society. To add to this ,I will ask you two questions. #1 how many stores are owned by blacks in black neighborhoods? #2 How many white cops patrol the streets in black communities? If you look up "People Of Color" you will get so many different definitions. Hopefully you will understand why I’m against being apart of this color graded community!

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