She Felt Threatened Killed An Un-Armed Black Man. Found Not Guilty

    White Privileged

Driver In A Drive By Found Not Guilty. Family Posted The  5million Dollar Bond

Blind To The Fact

Larry "Syid" Wright

To whom it may concern. The courts might protect you, the rich white community will protect you, your brothers in blue will protect you and some perverted catholic priest will listen to your lies in some box. You will have no protection from the wrath of God when conviction sets in and it will. You will then find yourself on an mental island all alone with know one to call on. You will probably start doing the church thing for support, but God can see through a phony. I see it like this. Those who support dirt is dirt in my book and they will reap the same reward God is going to lay on you. Pain and Suffering and I hope and pray it’s the type of pain and suffering God let the Devil put on Job. You might never see the inside of a jail cell but from this day forward you will see the gates of Hell.

Get The Black Mind Right