The Art Of Cool

Roslyn K. Slade

Get The Black Mind Right

In honor June’s music month we celebrate once again the wonderful and eye opening accomplishments from the Art of Cool Festival.  Taking place in the heart of downtown Durham, NC; the festival hosted close to 10,000 people the last weekend in April as they swarmed the event areas. 

As the festival is in its fourth year, it is in no way close to slowing down as evidenced by the all-star line-up for the weekend’s events that took place.  Starting with the anticipation of a late night set from famed old school hip hop rapper Rakim to the Saturday funkalicious performance by George Clinton; and finally capped off with the smooth cool of rapper Common.

Although, with a line-up featuring these three artists the festival was already a success; there were plenty of locally known artists such as Zoocru in the mix as well that gave you so much more to groove with.  Zoocru a local band that was founded on the campus of North Carolina Central University in 2012 share the belief that “all American music is born from the seeds of Black music.”  Based on this belief, Zoocru has a blended sound of popular American music that they describe as “Black American music” which is nothing short of awe inspiring!

If Zoocru was the band that got you out of seats, then the next local artist had no intention of allowing the groove to slow down.  Hip hop artist Joshua Gunn a.k.a. J.Gunn, most definitely kept the party moving.  He is definitely someone to watch as he has been recognized by one of hip hop’s top moguls, Damon Dash as well as signed to MC Lyte’s record label.

The Art of Cool Festival has something for everyone that loves music.  And who doesn’t love music?  From Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, and smooth RnB there is no way you will be disappointed in the performances by artists who simply do it because they love it.  And if you love music as much as we all do that attended this year’s festival, make sure you do not miss 2018 because it is sure to be fire!